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BS Productions is a one man shop run by a guy (that's me: Billy Simons) who grew up watching a lot of cartoons, playing a lot of guitar (and clarinet [seriously?]), and doodling a whole bunch.  

I love storytelling. And I get to do that by working with creative and inspired minds to do all kinds of expressive and zany work. The tools? Collaboration with my clients, the ensuing snowballing ideas and concepts that creates, a pen, and a whole slew of musical instruments. 

I draw with pencil, ink, an Apple Pencil and iPadPro and my trusty Wacom tablet to explore the space between hand drawings and digital art. I shoot photo and video with my Canon. I write, perform, and record music (vocals, guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, piano, clarinet, MIDI) in my home studio.

My past projects have included children's books, promotional videos, informational digital shorts, a few animated kids music videos, commercial photography, illustration, branding, and art installations.

If you're interested in discussing an adventure together, fill out the quick form below or send me an email at billy.simons.jr@gmail.com.